Additional support for young people

In the UK, a range of health and wellbeing support groups are available for young people, offering assistance with mental health, physical health, and general wellbeing.

These groups provide safe spaces for young people to discuss their challenges, learn coping strategies, and build supportive networks. Here are some key support groups:

Mental Health Support

  1. YoungMinds: A leading charity dedicated to improving the mental health of children and young people. YoungMinds offers resources, advice, and a helpline for parents and young people in crisis. You can visit their website by following this link>>
  2. Childline: Run by the NSPCC, Childline provides 24/7 counselling services for children and young people up to 19 years old. They offer confidential support via phone, email, and online chat. >”>You can visit the Childline website by following this link>>
  3. The Mix: A support service for young people under 25, providing essential information and emotional support on various issues, including mental health, relationships, and money. They offer a helpline, webchat, and counselling services. You can visit the Mix website by following this link>>

Physical Health Support

  1. Teenage Cancer Trust: Dedicated to supporting young people with cancer, this charity provides specialist care, emotional support, and access to peer support networks. You can visit the Teenage Cancer trust by following this link>>
  2. YoungMinds Matter: Focuses on promoting mental and physical health among young people, offering workshops, resources, and support groups tailored to the needs of adolescents. You can visit the Young Minds Matter website by following this link>>

General Wellbeing

  1. Kooth: An online platform providing free, anonymous mental health and wellbeing support to young people. It offers a safe space to access articles, self-help tools, and community forums.
    Visit the Kooth website by following this link>>
  2. Rethink Mental Illness: This organization offers support groups and resources for young people experiencing mental health issues, aiming to reduce stigma and provide practical advice. For more information follow this Link >>