Find bereavement support

Experiencing bereavement is difficult at any time, but when your loss is particularly sudden, unexpected or traumatic, including when the person may have taken their own life, it can be additionally difficult. There is a wealth of support available to you, and we have put together details of support services ranging from emotional support and peer support to practical advice and guidance. … Find your support>>Find bereavement support

Cruse UK

Cruse Bereavement Support, operational for over 60 years, provides varied grief assistance methods to those in need, including online tools, helplines, group, and one-to-one support. Their offerings are carried out by 4,000 trained volunteers, and they aim to provide understanding and coping mechanisms regarding bereavement. They also provide resources for carers. … Find your support>>Cruse UK

The Silverline

The Silver Line Helpline, available over phone or online, offers friendship, conversation, and support to anyone over 55, operating round-the-clock. Initiated by Dame Esther Rantzen, the service provides a platform to share concerns without troubling family members. Carer Support Dorset also provides aids for carers. Self-referrals are welcome. … Find your support>>The Silverline

Dorset Mind

Dorset Mind offers support to people struggling with mental health in Dorset. Services include counselling, mentoring, and group support for adults over 18, including specific groups for LGBTQIA+ and women. They provide regular goal-setting, supportive intervention, and non-clinical support. They operate across the PCN area and can be contacted online. They also provide support tools for carers, including online resources and a phone helpline. … Find your support>>Dorset Mind

Armed Forces Community Health

The Armed Forces Community Health and Wellbeing Team (AFCT) offers support for members of the armed forces community in Dorset, including veterans and family members, in areas like health, welfare, housing, and employment. They liaise with local organisation’s based on the individual’s needs and also provide access to health and social care services. The service includes initial assessments and specialised support for specific health needs. Carer Support Dorset offers additional help and advice to carers. … Find your support>>Armed Forces Community Health