Vocational Services

Dorset HealthCare provides support to individuals with long-term health conditions affecting their employment through their occupational therapists (OTs). The OTs provide services such as assessments, advice, treatments, and training opportunities that support these individuals in maintaining their current jobs, exploring new work options, returning to work, volunteering, or seeking education. Referrals to access this service can be made by healthcare professionals and employment services. … Find your support>>Vocational Services

Dorset Pain Management Service

The Connections and Samaritans helplines provide support and resources for pain management, utilising a multi-disciplinary team of specialists. They offer personalised services to help understand and manage pain. While they don’t prescribe medications, they provide tools for learning about your body, encouraging a healthy lifestyle, and promoting emotional well-being. They operate across the PCN area and can be reached online or at their Poole Community Clinic. Carer Support Dorset offers additional support for carers. … Find your support>>Dorset Pain Management Service