Give us a shout

Shout 85258 is a free, confidential 24/7 text support service for anyone in the UK feeling low, anxious, or struggling to cope. By texting ‘SHOUT’ to 85258, individuals can start a conversation with trained volunteers. Through text conversations that usually last between 45-60 minutes, the service aims to help individuals reach a calm state and provide a self-support plan. The service also offers further resources or tools for additional expert support.
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The Silverline

The Silver Line Helpline, available over phone or online, offers friendship, conversation, and support to anyone over 55, operating round-the-clock. Initiated by Dame Esther Rantzen, the service provides a platform to share concerns without troubling family members. Carer Support Dorset also provides aids for carers. Self-referrals are welcome. … Find your support>>The Silverline


Re-engage is a valuable service dedicated to combating loneliness and isolation among the elderly (75 and older) by offering social connections and volunteer-led activities. They run monthly tea party groups, a telephone befriending service, and provide practical support for carers. Re-engage operates across the PCN area and can be contacted by freephone or through their website.
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Lonely Not Alone

A campaign addressing youth loneliness, co-designed with young people, has been operating since 2019. Its goal is to break the stigma around loneliness, improve mental wellbeing, and fulfill Coop’s vision for a fairer world. The campaign has reached a quarter of young people in the UK, and offers support via a digital platform and AgeUK. Help can also be accessed through Bridgit, an online tool providing wellness, employment, and care advice without prior registration. … Find your support>>Lonely Not Alone

In Jolly Good Company

This content pertains to an organisation that aims to help people regain confidence and live fulfilling lives by engaging in indoor/outdoor activities, connecting with others, and experiencing achievement. Services are available across the PCN area, contactable via phone or email. Online and offline support for carers, including a self-care planning tool called Bridgit, are also available. … Find your support>>In Jolly Good Company

Armed Forces Community Health

The Armed Forces Community Health and Wellbeing Team (AFCT) offers support for members of the armed forces community in Dorset, including veterans and family members, in areas like health, welfare, housing, and employment. They liaise with local organisation’s based on the individual’s needs and also provide access to health and social care services. The service includes initial assessments and specialised support for specific health needs. Carer Support Dorset offers additional help and advice to carers. … Find your support>>Armed Forces Community Health