I am dealing with & recovering from cancer

Cancer in the UK is a significant public health concern, affecting thousands of people and their families every year.

The country has a well-established healthcare system that offers comprehensive cancer care, including early detection, advanced treatments, and supportive services. Cancer research and innovation are priorities in the UK, leading to continuous improvements in diagnosis and treatment options. The National Health Service (NHS) provides vital support, offering cancer screenings and access to specialised medical professionals. Additionally, numerous charitable organisations work tirelessly to raise awareness, fund research, and provide assistance to cancer patients. While progress has been made in terms of prevention, early diagnosis, and survival rates, ongoing efforts are essential to enhance cancer care further, support patients, and ultimately find cures for various types of cancer in the UK.

These organisations may be able to assist and support you.

Wessex Cancer Trust

Every year, around 23,000 people are diagnosed with cancer within the Wessex region. A diagnosis can be a shock and have a huge impact on an entire family. Wessex Cancer Support helps and supports any…

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Look Good, Feel Better

Look Good Feel Better understands how emotionally challenging living with cancer can be. This is why they run wellbeing workshops and classes virtually and at hospitals and cancer care centres across …

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