Information for Patients

We all want you to feel well and for you to experience the quality of your life improving.

Your GP continues to support your ongoing medical needs but has also identified other opportunities for you that we believe will assist you in managing your health.

Offering you help through Community SWITCH

SWITCH is an entirely new way of putting patients in front of professional organisations and groups and helping them access support services in the community. They are additional, not alternative, to those being provided by your GP. SWITCH can be accessed through Social Prescribers who, like other professionals, work within your Practice. Your Social Prescriber can put you in front of expert advisers to help you

Many things affect our health. For example, GPs tell us that a great number of people visit them feeling isolated, lonely or stressed by work, money and housing problems.

Stress and isolation can cause chronic medical problems, causing pain and conditions which need alternative treatment. Relieve the symptoms of stress, anxiety and worry and you remove the cause of some of the illness. Isn’t that worth exploring?

How can SWITCH help you?

Your doctor can offer advice and treatments based on medical therapies. However, many chronic conditions can benefit from less focus on medication and more thought about how to support them to live better with their condition. 

You now have a team of Social Prescribers, who are based in your GP surgery and who can help individuals address non-medical aspects of their well-being.

What does a Social Prescriber do?

A Social Prescriber can assist in connecting you with community resources, support services, and activities that can positively impact your overall health. Their aim is to improve your holistic health by helping you access emotional and practical needs beyond traditional medical treatment.

Could you or your family benefit from this?

Your Practice wants to do all it can to help you with your well-being needs.

Your visits to the surgery can provide you with ongoing support but what if, together, we could do more for you?

Becoming unwell can not only make you feel bad but can also negatively affect the way you think and the overall quality of your life. It can prevent you from doing things you once did or even meeting people. It can sometimes make you feel very alone. Our Community Switch Programme may be able to help.

Our GP Surgeries help many people who are experiencing issues similar to yours. They may have ongoing medical needs or struggle on a day-to-day basis with either their health or mobility.

Many of our patients have benefited from these services with positive benefits for their health and well-being.

We can help you to help yourself. At each of our surgeries is a member of our team who specialises in helping and supporting people like yourself to access a wider range of support services.

What is community SWITCH ? It’s a network of community support services. Each service has been identified by the practice as a resource you can use which will help you to improve, and manage, your own health and well-being. With the support of the Practice, It will give you greater control over your health.

Why is it important? Getting better does not always come in a pill or a bottle. There are other ways of improving the quality of life.

How will it help me? It will provide you with additional help and support. You will be meeting people who understand and have the experience to help you. Many patients have found great benefit in these alternatives.

What does it involve? Your Practice has a Social Prescriber with whom you can consult, and who will work with you to identify the specialist or group for your problems.

Is this instead of my not seeing my GP ? No. This is an additional area of support which can, in time, help you to manage your health. For example, many medical problems stem from stress, depression or bereavement. Areas in which other specialist groups can help.