NHS Every Mind Matters

This is a comprehensive website that is a gateway to lots of free self-help resources covering wellbeing tips, mental health issues, life challenges, supporting others and how to get urgent help.

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The site provides links to information, videos, downloadable apps and contact information to support better mental health. These resources have been tested and proven through current healthcare practice.

All resources are accessed through the website and are mainly provided as written hints, tips and advice alongside downloadable apps to support better physical and mental wellbeing. There are some short videos.

There is a lot of good self-help advice about recognising mental health issues and their causes with ways of reducing the effects of some of the causes. This provides pathways to better mental health and how to make permanent changes for the better.

Where do they operate?

The website can provide a lot of information on its own and is NHS-run with advice to use the 111 phone number to get direct guidance on the best action. It also has links to other organisations that can help.

The site is meant to give people the tools to help themselves, but it is designed, maintained and supported by the NHS. So, the resources that underpin the advice on the site are from the NHS Mental Health teams.

Support Information for Carers

There is a whole section relating to ’supporting’ others. This is a very helpful site, but is only accessible using the website.

All information can be found using the NHS website access https://www.nhs.uk/every-mind-matters/

There does not seem to be any facility to download the advice, though there are download documents as tools for some of the exercises example, the Thought record chart – which downloads in a Word document format.