No Panic

Supports those living with Panic Attacks, Phobias, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders

No Panic is a registered charity that helps and supports those living with Panic Attacks, Phobias, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders and other related anxiety disorders.

No Panic also provides support for the carers of people who suffer from anxiety disorders.

What can they do for you?

No Panic specialises in self-help recovery, and thier services include providing people with the skills they need to manage their condition and work towards recovery, enabling them to lead more fulfilled lives.

How do they do it?

Recovery Services

Access to their one-to-one and group recovery services

Cosy Coffee Chats

Access to their members only online social events

Anxiety Support Chat

Access to their members only weekly support chat service

Email Support

A monthly email full of advice, stories and news

Members Only

Access to their member’s only Facebook group

What benefits could you experience?

A range of support services can help you deal with your feelings, anxiety and panic.

Where do they operate?

Across PCN area

How to contact them or get there


0300 772 9844

10am–10pm   7/7

Calls cost the same as a 01 or 02 number and are included in minutes packages

24hr Crisis line:      01952 680835

Support Information for carers

Bridgit is an online tool that allows people to explore free well-being, employment, finance and care advice and events, local and national support services, and training opportunities. People can also build their own ‘self-care plan’. It’s all available any time of day and without registering first.

Follow this link to access bridgit, Online Support (

People who prefer not to or cannot go online can call Carer Support Dorset on 0800 368 8349 to discover the free support and help available.


Carer Support Dorset can help you find the support you need for your caring role.

Freephone number for Carers: 0800 368 8349

Additional information