Wessex Cancer Trust

Wessex Cancer Support believes that there should be help and support available to everyone living with cancer, when and where they need it.

Wessex cancer trust

Every year, around 23,000 people are diagnosed with cancer within the Wessex region. A diagnosis can be a shock and have a huge impact on an entire family. Wessex Cancer Support helps and supports anyone affected by cancer regardless of age, gender or type of cancer. Our dedicated team are committed to offering free support for as long as people need it, away from a hospital environment.

What can they do for you?

They offer a variety of services, including wellbeing activities, support groups, complementary therapies and counselling.

How do they do it?

Supporting anyone who has been impacted by a cancer diagnosis including patients loved ones and carers. Through online and offline personalised support, you will be assisted with emotional and wellbeing support.

What benefits could you experience?

Cancer can be a daunting prospect whether you are living with it directly or supporting a loved one through their journey. Wessex Cancer Support offers a range of free cancer support services to help you through this time.

Where do they operate?

Across PCN area

How to contact them or get there

Registered Headoffice

Bourne House
23 Hinton Road
BH21 2EF


01202 315824


Fundraising: fundraising@wessexcancer.org.uk

Support Information for carers

Bridgit is an online tool that allows people to explore free well-being, employment, finance and care advice and events, local and national support services, and training opportunities. People can also build their own ‘self-care plan’. It’s all available any time of day and without registering first.

Follow this link to access bridgit, Online Support (bridgit.care)

People who prefer not to or cannot go online can call Carer Support Dorset on 0800 368 8349 to discover the free support and help available.


Carer Support Dorset can help you find the support you need for your caring role.

Freephone number for Carers 0800 368 8349

Website link Contact CSD | Carer Support Dorset

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